- The Gold-Class Quality Initiative

Value 2: The Highest Video Quality

Professional DJ software with the highest video quality should have:

  1. Full 50 or 60 field/frame rate - 50/60 motion updates per second providing smooth video output.
  2. Capability to smoothly and instantly (low-latency) play and seek video media in a deck, including backwards play, time-scaling from 0% to 200% (stationary to double-speed), pitch-shifting and scratching (including all at once).
  3. Native support for 59.94Hz (NTSC) and 50Hz (PAL).
  4. Stable, locked video output - no dropped frames, jitter, blurry or jerky video.
  5. True per-pixel motion-adapative deinterlacing, and weave deinterlacing on NTSC/PAL progressive sources, providing best image resolution.
  6. Smooth frame-interpolation when video is; speed-adjusted, a NTSC/PAL progressive source (i.e. has only 30/25 original motion updates), or a non-native source framerate (e.g. playing NTSC source video on a PAL output). The result should be you always get a smooth full 50/60 motion updates.
  7. Integrated technology to reverse 3-2 pulldown content to original 24 frames and interpolate for smooth results.
  8. No dependency on external codecs for playing files live as these often compromise video quality and stability.
  9. Steady truly-smooth scrolling ticker - updated 50/60 times a second, as commonly seen in mainstream TV broadcasts.
  10. Professional "Video TV show" style animated titling.
  11. Correct aspect ratios (size) always displayed - no disproportionate stretching or shrinking.
  12. Native Widescreen 16:9 and 4:3 support, and 16:9 within 4:3 mode for mixed-display setups. Presentation should always be at correct aspect ratio (size) and make full use of your display type.
  13. Optional embellishments to fill black-bar areas - fill screen while maintaining correct source video aspect ratio (size).
  14. Truly smooth video mix transitions.
  15. A slideshow mode which supports even high megapixel JPEGs without any hickups.
  16. Integrated AV sync calibration to get audio and video display in perfect sync for a specific display setup.
  17. Integrated Test Pattern and Graticules for precise calibration and color correction of your videocard or display.
  18. NTSC color-safe internally-generated graphical elements within the specification.
  19. Compliance with broadcast industry overscan specification.
  20. SD (Standard Definition) and ED (Enhanced Defintion) output resolution modes.
  21. Support for a professional file format which allows setting and overriding areas including aspect ratio and zoom, titling disable flag, titling presentation point, embellishment disable flag, framerate, deinterlacing mode, first/last frame trim point and AV sync.
  22. Auto-detection for true aspect ratio (even when black-bars are embedded in source), audio track mixing, optimum deinterlace mode, and 3-2/2-2 pulldown attributes.

OtsAV DJ contains all of these quality attributes and thousands of DJs are benefiting from them every week at their gigs.

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