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Welcome to DJ Software .com - The Gold-Class Quality Initiative

Are you a DJ who refuses to compromise quality? Do you believe your audience deserves the best? Do you accept only the highest audio clarity? Do you believe that video should be presented smoothly, and in the correct size (aspect ratio) with no stretching or image distortion? Do you hate DJ software that is unreliable and crashes mid-gig?

If you answered YES to these questions, you'll fit right in with thousands of other DJs here at is a Gold-Class Quality Initiative by Ots Labs, designers of quality DJ software. This initiative outlines a standard for DJ software. A group numbering thousands of DJs agree with this standard and here form part of the collective.

Here at we believe in only using DJ software which has:

  • The highest audio quality
  • The highest video quality
  • Rock solid stability
  • Ease of use and fast & efficient operation
  • Innovative and intelligent technology

As professional DJs, we believe in these values because at the end of the day, our audience is everything and deserves the absolute best. We also take pride in what we do and believe in being our professional best.

  The Bugatti Veyron, the fastest accelerating road-car in the world, shares the same spirit of quality and innovation.

OtsAV DJ has specifically been designed around these five key values making it the quality DJ software on the market.

The good news is, quality doesn't have to cost the earth either. OtsAV DJ comes in two editions at very competitive prices:

You can see first-hand the quality of OtsAV DJ for yourself by downloading a free 30-day trial here.

To learn more about the key quality values and how OtsAV DJ fulfills them, see these sections: - Copyright © 1996-2010 Ots Corporation (Legal Statement)