- The Gold-Class Quality Initiative

Value 4: Ease of Use and Fast & Efficient Operation

Professional DJ software with ease of use and fast & efficient operation should have:

  1. A fast & efficient instant load of application (less than a second) and instant exit of application, even with libraries of 50,000 songs.
  2. Ability to drag & drop songs between lists, decks, library database and search area.
  3. Ultra-low-latency on audio/video output, and on all controls in user interface, providing an instant-response feel.
  4. Instant seeking available through audio and video files immediately when song is loaded in a deck, without encountering any glitches.
  5. Instant-response (fraction of a second) when using song search engine and performing media library database queries.
  6. Automation features, including automated beat mixing, automated fade mixing and automated video aspect ratio (size) handling, at a professional-grade level, allowing the DJ to concentrate on other areas when desired.
  7. Manual hands-on controls for deck operation with instant-response for live tactile mixing.
  8. Fast & efficient architecture throughout developed with low-level efficient languages like C++, Assembler, MMX and SSE.

OtsAV DJ contains all of these quality attributes and thousands of DJs are benefiting from them every week at their gigs.

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