- The Gold-Class Quality Initiative

Value 3: Rock Solid Stability

Professional DJ software with rock solid stability should have:

  1. The ability to run for at least 365 days straight, on a stable system, without a reboot/restart and without glitching, proving true rock solid stability within the software.
  2. An instant load of application (less than a second) and instant exit of application, even with libraries of 50,000 songs and without any glitches.
  3. Solid architecture throughout developed with low-level efficient languages like C++, Assembler, MMX and SSE.
  4. No dependency on external codecs for playing files live as these often compromise stability.
  5. Ultra-low-latency audio/video output, and on all controls, without audio, video or other glitches occuring.

OtsAV DJ contains all of these quality attributes and thousands of DJs are benefiting from them every week at their gigs.

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