- The Gold-Class Quality Initiative

Value 1: The Highest Audio Quality

Professional DJ software with the highest audio quality should have:

  1. A 32-bit floating point audio pipeline coded in an efficient low-level language, such as C++.
  2. No dependency on external codecs for playing files live as these often compromise quality.
  3. Time-scaling (tempo) which has a range of +/-100% and has good clarity attributes at all slider positions.
  4. Deck controls which incorporate scratching, tempo slider, pitch slider, and direction slider (reverse) which can all operate at the same time with no glitches.
  5. Ultra-low-latency on all sliders, controls and buttons without exception.
  6. Automated Beat Mixing technology which is highly accurate and produces professional mixes on the beat and mixed in phrase.
  7. Automated Fade Mixing technology which is highly accurate and produces professional mixes without premature fades or gaps of silence.
  8. Support for VBR-based MP3 files in the same way as CBR-based files, allowing instant seeking, scratching, shifting, etc., and reflect the correct song position in tenths of seconds and correct song length.
  9. A well-designed internal architecture which preserves the audio quality throughout.
  10. Glitch-free audio output which isn't affected by other applications under standard operation on a stable system.
  11. A broadcast-quality 3-stage Dynamics Processor with AGC, compressor and limiter to control levels professionally.

OtsAV DJ contains all of these quality attributes and thousands of DJs are benefiting from them every week at their gigs.

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