- The Gold-Class Quality Initiative

Value 5: Innovative and Intelligent Technology

Professional DJ software with innovative and intelligent technology should have:

  1. An Automated Beat Mixing system which can professionally beat-mix any combination of songs in-phrase and accurately on the beat without having to tweak specific song combinations.
  2. An Automated Fade Mixing system which cleanly and professionally fades between any combination of songs without premature fading, chopping off song endings or producing dead gaps of silence (should sound similar to what would be heard on a professional radio station).
  3. Manual hands-on control of all deck functions for live tactile mixing.
  4. A broadcast-quality 3-stage Dynamics Processor with AGC, compressor and limiter, to handle volume levels smoothly.
  5. High quality time-scaling with a range of +/-100% (double-speed right down to stationary) without any unprofessional artifacts.
  6. Truly-smooth video output at 50/60 motion updates per second, supporting NTSC and PAL, and keeping output frames locked in sync for smooth results without jerks, tearing or blurry imaging.
  7. Automated video aspect ratio (size) handling which caters to widescreen (16:9) and 4:3 and all other industry standard aspect ratios, also providing optional embellishments to fill black-bar areas as desired. Video should never be stretched or shrunk out of proportion causing fat or skinny imaging.
  8. Support of industry-standard SD (Standard Defintion) and ED (Enhanced Definition) video output resolutions for the highest quality.

OtsAV DJ contains all of these quality attributes and thousands of DJs are benefiting from them every week at their gigs.

You can see first-hand the quality of OtsAV DJ for yourself by downloading a free 30-day trial here.

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